Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technology


The Department of Agricultural Engineering and Technology focuses and deals with the use of engineering tools and practices to solve the real world problem of crop production, handling and processing problems for food and fibre industry. "Everything else can wait but not Agriculture", with this famous motto, the department envisages to solve the problem with the application of scientific knowledge in diverse and multi-disciplinary activities for overall development of farming community and better livelihood.

The Agricultural Engineering Department of the school came in to existence in 2008. The department follows four years degree course as adopted by the school.

Thrust areas of research:

  • Farm Power and Machinery Engineering
  • Soil and Water Engineering
  • Food Processing and Engineering

Aims and objectives:

  • To provide scientific knowledge to increase agricultural production and productivity through better management of land and water resources
  • To encourage the design and use of appropriate and more efficient agricultural machinery
  • To provide better techniques of post-harvest technology
  • To design improved methods of processing and preservation of foods

Laboratories of Agricultural Engineering:

  • Agricultural Engineering Computing Lab
  • Land and Water Engineering and Management Lab
  • Farm Power and Machinery Engineering Lab
  • Processing and Food Engineering Lab

Ongoing Projects:

  • Fabrication of Portable solar unit for heating and drying
  • Effects of blanching methods on drying kinetics of King chilli
  • Optimization of drying parameter of ginger
  • Assessment of rain water harvesting pond in Nagaland
  • Best fit probability distribution of meteorological parameter of Nagaland

Teaching Faculty:

# Name Designation Specialization Contact
1 Wungshim Zimik Assistant Professor & In-Charge Agri. Engg, Processing and Food Engineering.
2 Chitrasen Lairenjam Assistant Professor Agri Engg, Soil and Water Engg, Irrigation & Drainage Engineering.
3 Pramod Ch. Dihingia Assistant Professor Agri. Engg, Farm Machinery, and Power Engineering.
4 Imliwapang Jamir Guest Lecturer Agri. Engineering.
5 Achumo Patton Guest Lecturer Soil and Water Engineering.