Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering


The Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering focuses to impart education and training at the undergraduate levels with special emphasis on design aspects of electronic systems. The training imparted to the students would be such that it will make them competent enough to be the fountain-head of new ideas and innovations in Science and Technology and who shall contribute its growth in partnership with industries and develop and harness it for the welfare of the Nagas and the Nation. The department programmes to cater to the ever challenging needs of technical excellence in all areas of Electronics & Communication Engineering such as Integrated electronics and circuits, Tele-communication, Computer technology, Power electronics, GPS systems, Communication Systems, Antennas, Satellite transponders, Signal processing based biomedical instruments, VLSI chips and many more.


To bring about a cultural revolution through digital technology.

Thrust areas of research:

  • Integrated electronics and circuits
  • Tele-communication
  • Computer technology
  • Power electronics
  • GPS systems
  • Communication Systems
  • Antennas
  • Satellite transponders
  • Signal processing based biomedical instruments
  • VLSI chips

Teaching Faculty:

# Name Designation Specialization Contact
1 Ms.Ayangla Jamir Assistant Professor & In-Charge Communication Systems.
2 Mrs.Bendangchila Longkumer Assistant Professor Electronics & Communication Engineering.
3 Ms.Imesangla Ao Assistant Professor Digital Electronics & Communication.
4 Ms.Merensongla Aier Guest Faculty Communication.
5 Ms.Nungsangienla Longkumer Guest Faculty Signals and System.